End of term reflective activity.

As the term draws to a close, it can be great time for reflection. One of my favourite activities is to share a copy of the “who wants to be a millionaire” PowerPoint (download it for free here: Millionaire template). I prefer to run this as a collaborative activity and set up the groups so that there are 4 students per group. This gives each student the opportunity to offer a response to every question and they have to work together to agree on the correct answers.

The activity gets students to not only come up with 15 questions that reflect on what they have learnt. It also encourages them to think about which of their questions are considered more difficult and to build them into a hierarchy, as the most difficult question should be the “million dollar question”.

Once all of the quizzes have been completed two teams pair up and play against each other until we crown a millionaire!

The great thing about this activity is, not only does it get students to think about what they have been learning over an extended period of time, it encourages them to construct questions of their own. It builds teamwork and because students have to agree on the accepted answer it is very good for highlighting misconceptions. Best of all, the resource can be saved and used as a starter, plenary or homework when the new term begins as a fun refresher.

Millionaire template



Credits: I have had this resource for many years and do not know who the original author is. If anyone does know please email me.


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