40 ways to ‘Flip’ your classroom this holiday.

Just because we are approaching the end of the school year, doesn’t mean there has to be a break in your students’ learning. I’m sure we have all experienced that first day of term feeling, where it feels like brains are not running at full power, after the long holiday period. One way to keep pupils engaged is to set a meaningful home learning activity, in which they are in charge: flipped learning.


How do I flip my lessons?

As students are taking ownership of their own learning, it is important to help scaffold the process and give them achievable outcomes. Over the break, many students may do one of two things:

  • Rush to get everything finished in the first week
  • Leave it all until the last moment.

One way to overcome this is to install milestones for them to meet, or deadlines in which they digitally share their progress with you, be that through online classrooms, VLE’s or just emailing you a photo of their progress.

I tend to use flipped classrooms to either recap what my students have already learnt or to look ahead and focus on the next topic; getting them research facts and key ideas and become the experts when term begins.

Benefits of ‘flipped’ lessons

  • Students learn at a pace that suits them
  • Students are provided with an opportunity to go beyond the normal curriculum and focus on aspects that interest them
  • Sharing tasks digitally means no students miss learning opportunities from being sick or absent towards the end of term
  • Greater parental involvement
  • Students take ownership of their learning
  • Collaborative software allows students to work together virtually
  • Teachers are able to facilitate rather than lecture
  • Teachers can focus their attention on helping students that need it most.

40 ‘Flip’ Lesson Ideas

1. Create a poster
2. Make a presentation
3. Design a model
4. Use a 3-panel display board
5. Make a timeline
6. Create a board game incorporating key elements
7. Write and perform a parody of your favourite TV show
8. Make a TV or radio commercial
9. Make a collage
10. Create a test about the topic
11. Make a word search
12. Make a crossword puzzle
13. Write a report
14. Create a flow chart or diagram
15. Write interview questions for a relevant person
16. Create flashcards
17. Write journal/diary entries
18. Write a postcard or letter exchange
19. Create a scrapbook
20. Create a photo album
21. Make an instructional video
22. Design a quizlet
23. Create an interactive notebook
24. Create a set of task cards
25. Make a pamphlet or brochure
26. Write a newspaper article
27. Create an episode of a reality show
28. Create a game show
29. Use a Venn diagram to compare two aspects of the topic
30. Design a comic strip about the topic
31. Start a blog
32. Do a newscast
33. Create trivia cards / top trumps
34. Make a short documentary film
35. Create a top 10 list
36. Create a glossary of relevant terms
37. Make an infographic
38. Make a flower with a different fact for each petal
39. Write a handbook or instruction book
40. Create a newsletter

Have a go and I would love to see what your students come up with.


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